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Cool font generator / Fancy text generator - Text Magic

Text Magic is a cool font generator that demonstrates its magical abilities in turning ordinary text into fancy text, with a wide variety of cool fonts: handwriting fonts, calligraphy fonts, magic-related fonts, decorative fonts, fancy fonts, holiday fonts, winter fonts and more.

Text Magic is not only a cool font generator, it is also a fancy text generator, logo maker, word art generator... You can use it to create stylish text, cool logos, blog titles, text avatars, cool letters, photo captions, forum signatures and other fancy things. To see some examples, take a look at this page.

The most interesting feature of our fancy text generator is Magic Effect. Currently it supports two options: Metallic Text and Neon Glow effect. Metallic Text effect provides best results at greater font sizes (48 pt and more) and for those fonts which lines are thick enough. As for Neon Glow, it looks best when it is applied to a bright-coloured text on a dark background.

To generate a fancy text image, enter your text into the form below, choose a font in the Font section and set color, outline width, shadow and other parameters. Then click "Generate!" button at the bottom of the form - and the image file with your cool text is ready for downloading! The whole procedure is discussed in detail on our How To page.

New!The spring has come! Try our spring fonts: Kingthings Annex, Alpha Flowers, Floral, Flowered St and Sunflower.

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You can drag-and-drop your text to set its position.
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Magic Effects
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Enter your text and set the desired parameters, then
click "Generate!" button to transform the text into an image
and get your cool text here.

Recent updates and new features of our cool font generator

April 14, 2018
Spring redesign. Three new spring fonts have been added: Kingthings Annex, Floral and Flowered St.

December 14, 2017
Some winter fonts have been added: Kingthings Christmas 2, Fuzzy Xmas Lights, Snowpersons, JFSnowbiz and Faux Snow.