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Cool letters / Font generator / Avatar maker - Simple Mode of Text Magic

Our font generator's Simple Mode allows you to convert your text into cool text or a simple one-letter avatar or logo, when there's no need for complex transformations and cool effects provided by Magic Mode.

Simple Mode can be used to create: cool letters, text avatars, forum signatures, simple logos, photo captions and more. The selection of fonts here is not so wide as in Magic Mode, but it still includes some script fonts, handwriting fonts and decorative fonts.

If you want to protect your email or any other contact information published on the Web from being collected by spam bots, simply generate an image from your text using the form below. Thus you transform your information into letters which are unreadable for bots, but can look like cool letters at the same time.

In case you came to the Simple Mode page first but you need fancier effects to generate really cool text or make more sophisticated avatars or logos, feel free to switch to Magic Mode, it's free of charge as well!

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